Corona last news of Corona in Iraq

Iraq is one of the least countries affected by the novel corona virus, but it is the second country in terms of death rate due to corona virus. The injuries are still increasing, but with a few and very different rates among the country's governorates. The reason for the discrepancy is the commitment of the residents of the governorates who are less affected to the instructions of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the quarantine imposed by the Ministry of Interior. The main reason is attributed to the entry of tourists and natives of Iraq from the neighboring countries such as Iran and Syria. What makes matters worse in Iraq if the injuries increase is that there are not enough healthy recovery devices, as there are less than 1000 resuscitation devices in Iraq only, and for this the international media and international health organizations must warn the corrupt Iraqi government of the repercussions of the increasing number of injuries that have reached Now more than 650 injuries, where earlier yesterday the World Health Organization expressed its concerns about the increase in injuries in Iraq, as well as the need for citizens to adhere to health instructions. We, as Iraqi citizens, appeal to the world media to put pressure on the corrupt Iraqi government, which is preoccupied with theft despite the harsh conditions that the country and the whole world go through, the necessity of providing adequate recovery equipment for the sick as well as providing the necessary foodstuffs to the poor, as there are more than 4 million poor and unemployed people in Iraq.

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