Corona virus news in Iraq

The emerging virus is still spreading day after day in Iraq and the whole world, and the Ministry of Health registered 48 new infections, bringing the total to 508 official infections so far, 36 deaths and more than 100 cases of recovery.

Young woman wearing a mask against the Corona virus

In an escalating situations, the presence of wandering in Iraq has been extended to next April 11, with full application of the urbanization, except in a few cases, allowing residents to go out to shop for food supplies and medical drugs. However, in some areas, the population continues to act in ignorance and to mock the trend of the outbreak of the Corona virus. Iraq is the least affected by the virus, with the highest mortality rate of nearly 10%. This indicates the weakness of health facilities as well as the lack of commitment of the Iraqi population to health procedures. Medical, civil and security cadres continue to raise awareness of the danger of this epidemic on social media as well as in residential areas through loudspeakers. In a related development, the World Health Organization mentioned several times that there is no vaccine yet, and it may take a year and a half to reach a vaccine completely cured of this disease. So we direct people to adhere to health and preventive instructions to keep them safe and to blame their families and friends because this disease not only affects the person himself, but also spreads to neighboring people as well. God save everyone

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