coronaVirus 10 / 4 / 2020 updated cases in America and the world

In just 4 months, Corona Virus with a diameter of 40 - 48 nm has killed more than 95 thousand people around the world !!! You have the freedom, dear reader, to imagine this number 95,000 dead person, who may have left behind a wife, boy, girl, parents, lover and friends..etc, and the number is still increasing continuously and very frequently, especially in the last ten days.

To date, the world is confused about how to develop a completely curative vaccine against this epidemic, which did what it did to mankind in the twenty-first century, where advances in medical technology were at the height of its time. In America and Europe, it has the lion's share of numbers of injuries and deaths, while in Asia it is still very little prevalent compared to the countries of the European continent. To date, infection worldwide have reached more than 1,592,801 cases, the number of deaths is more than 95,021 deaths, and the number of those who have recovered has reached more than 353,315 cases. On the country level, the numbers are shown in the table below:

First Set

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