coronaVirus new cases 8/ 4/ 2020 in America and world

More than three months have passed since the emergence of the new strain of the Coronavirus, and scientists, medical academics and others have not reached a completely curable drug against this deadly disease.

Every day we heard that a company had access to a cure drug, but without the slightest health, and there were many polls and applications about the nature of this virus, and until now they have not reached 100% enough information about it . As time continues to increase, the number of injuries and deaths around the world has become a global pandemic. What has become clear to people is the strong resistance of the virus to natural conditions, which creates an important question: Can the summer eliminate it? The most important question for how long can people endure quarantine conditions? And how much time will they fight the lack of adequate food, especially with the high proportion of poor people in many countries. It is up to the coming days to answer these questions and all the questions in people's minds. We turn towards the numbers as the number of countries around the world reached more than 1,421,419 people around the world, while the number of deaths reached more than 81,659, and the cases of healing became more than 301,516. The virus found its ideal environment for expansion and in America and Europe, especially in the five superpowers Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain and France. There are many reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the mockery of the community by the virus, as well as the lack of wise voices that call for adherence to health instructions and prevention of infection. Another important reason is what has been observed in the media as there is no full cooperation between the rulers of these countries to eliminate the spread of the virus. On the contrary, it became clear that each of them wants the other not to survive and the disease spread in his country, where this epidemic called Corona revealed how fragile European relations at times of crises, as well as their relationship with the United States of America, and also revealed the weakness of the health system they own and, more importantly, revealed that the current generation of Europe and America is not fit to lead the promising future. Below we review the numbers of injuries, deaths and recovery cases around the world:

First set

Second set

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