CoronaVirus updated cases 4-4-2020 in America and the world

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Today 4-4-2020 As a result of the new Corona virus, the number 1,162,628 people worldwide exceeded the barrier in an event that is surprising in the twenty-first century, especially after the scientific that happened in the last years alongside electronic medical technologies, yet the Corona virus has swept the whole world There is no known state on the of earth whose inhabitants have not yet been infected, as death cases has reached more than 62,461 dead, while recovery cases reached more than 235 thousand people who recovered.

On the American side, it spread to them like ants on sugar, and infected people reached more than 241,742 person. Below, we review the infected, deaths and recovery cases around the world as a result of the Corona virus

First Group

Second Group

We Ask God to make everybody healthy

and remove this hard situation

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