Update Corona virus, number of infected people and deaths around America the world

Events have changed a lot for the European and North American continents after they were invaded by the Corona virus by a very large percentage compared to the African and Asian continents, as the figures for the United States of America numbers are more than 200,000 infected person. In general, we review to you the latest figures on the number of infected people and deaths and those recovering globally, as the number of infected people around the world 932,214 infected with the novel virus and the number of deaths reached 46,826 deaths, while those who recovered from the number reached 193,891 people. As for the international level, the virus is still spreading very quickly in America, Italy, Spain and Germany, although the number of deceased people in the virus in America is very few compared to Italy and Spain. As for the Arab world, the spread of the virus is still very slow compared to the western side of the world. As for China, it did not record any new cases today. In the table below, we review injuries, deaths, and recovery cases around the world

number of infected people with corona in 2 - 4 - 2020

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